Trail Crew at Mohican!

All volunteer trail crews convene at Mohican Outdoor Center once a month from April to October. Some have been coming for years and greet each other with sincere, lingering embraces. All ages are welcome and often the kids are shoveling gravel into buckets or stripping bark while the adults are clearing trails and moving boulders.

Building stormproof boxes for bridge foundation

Building stormproof boxes for bridge foundation

This weekend I graciously accepted an offer to try my hand at a power tool, the drill. At first, two men had to stabilize the drill momentarily while I felt my way around the switches. A few tries later I was cranking and drilling away while balancing myself atop 4×4 boards nestled between the three hundred pound rocks we moved earlier for the base.  As always, the crew leader, Greg, made a wonderful Saturday night dinner and Diane, a trail crew regular, made Boston cream donut cake and brownies! Of course no great weekend is complete without some trouble. That is Sunday we called a taxi to take us to the bus stop and he arrived about a half hour late. We missed the bus and miraculously spent four hours at Applebee’s or taking strolls in the parking lot! I was fortunate for Jenn and Gritt’s understanding and fun inducing company!

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