“Everything’s With Tuna”

An early start led to a 14 mile day and dinner at Melville Mauheim shelter.

Tomorrow promises 17 miles and I am looking forward to sleeping on the top bunk in this three-wall shelter. Groom and Hobo, an AT thru-hiker are also here. Sarah and Steve, a couple from PA are finishing up the Long Trail. They started in the North and tomorrow will be their last day. We were all rewarded with a trail that blossomed out into three magnificent beaver ponds, the only thing missing was a moose! As the evening is winding down and all bellies are full, Steve smiles and looks at his wife, “I’m thinkin’ ‘bout dinner number two.” She smirks. Steve effortlessly starts on another meal. He reassembles the stove, boils the water, cooks the macaroni, mixes in the cheese and takes out a packet of tuna fish. He cuts the package open along the seams to get every bit out. I am smiling at his genuine delight of a second dinner, “And tuna?” I ask. Steve looks up with the happiness both he and his wife radiate, “Everything’s with tuna.”

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