My Trail Name is Born

Twelve hours and 17 miles en route today after leaving camp at 8:30AM.  Mid day I turned around to find an AT thru-hiker patiently and quitley treading behind me. We exchanged greetings and I immediatley asked him if he wanted to pass me. By this point, most AT’ers are in shape for high mile days and move fast. He passed me but we started talking and I tried to keep up as we talked about hometowns, dreams, biology, creationism and the power people have over their own lives. Needless to say it was an insipiring encounter. “Boofer” was from North Carolina, an avid rock climber and kayaker. “So what’s your trail name,” he asked. “I don’t have one yet, I’m just Anna.” “Just Anna? Well, that’s it then! You’re Just Anna!” And so my trail name was born. At sunset we passed the most stunning marsh and captivated stopped to absorb the purple sky.

Sunset on a marsh before Story Spring

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