A Weekend With Friends and Phish

Today is Tuesday. Saturday morning I walked out onto the road and drove down with two section hikers to Bennington. Damien picked me up and we drove down to the Adirondacks. This marked the start of my Phish camping weekend. Our site was right next to a stable, which was great, since I enjoy the company of horses more than most things. After some coconut and peanut butter/chocolate pie, I was happy to fall asleep in the night’s cool breeze. On Sunday, swimming was in order! Later that day, Erin drove up from Long Island and Chaz from Massachusetts. We somehow ended up driving right next to Erin before even meeting up with her and thoroughly thrilled, I jumped out the car and hopped into her front seat. (Erin – I love you.) We parked and spent a bit of time in the lot and headed in. Then it started to pour! The first time I was properly soaked on the trail was when I wasn’t even on it! We made our way in, separated, found each other again and finally ended up together at some point. My highlight: Golgi Apparatus.

Monday, Damien and I drove back to Little Rock Pond and hiked in from a side trail. We packed plenty of Long Trail Ale and ran into a thru-hiker who was happy to take one, as well as an apple I bought from a farm stand the day before. Again, it feels great to help someone out.

Now I am basking like a lizard in the early morning sun on the rocky cliff across the pond. I am absorbing as much heat as possible until the point where I can’t help but jump in. The afternoon crept up on our young bodies drenched in the joys of summer and we got ready to hike out.

I began my trek up Killington at 3:16PM. About six miles later I decide to set up my tent under the roof of Government Clemens shelter with a south-bound AT thru-hiker. I was glad to share my fudge and chocolate and was happy to fall asleep. Falling asleep has been generally making me very happy on the trail!

Still no camera battery charger!

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