The Long Trail, At Last!

Today I met a Farmer.

But first I was baptized by the might of Mother Nature and Vermont’s Long Trail. For a while now it’s drizzled, rained overnight and has been overcast but my shoes have remained mostly dry. I was ready for the trail to let me have it. As I climbed and descended over Mount Killington I heard the thunder approach. At first, I thought I would be witness to a flipped over trailer truck, that’s what I heard coming from the road. Soon, I would pass Maine junction, the official split between the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail. When I saw the post marking the split, I stood still. There it was, 169.5 to Canada. And there I was, the girl who was stung five times on the morning of her first backpack less than a year ago. There I was, alone, over 100 miles later, asking for the thunder to split the sky. And it did. It poured and stormed and icy winds blew in as I shivered with my head up and the strongest smile yet. In that moment, I knew there was nothing I wanted more than to take in all of life.

As the afternoon and the rain began to head west, I came to Rolston’s Rest and set up my tent in the shelter. Then the Farmer, Scott, came in. He and his wife bought up some land with some money and some dreams of starting a dairy farm in Wisconsin. So they did and good times and bad times have come and gone and their children are all grown up and the cows still graze in their pastures.

“Living life deliberately,” he called it. “I hope you keep doing that,” he added.

One response to “The Long Trail, At Last!

  1. Great stuff Anna , and I remember the bee stinging dance. We still tell that one.

    See you on the trail.. you friend


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