One More Day ‘Till Camel’s Hump!

My camera is back!

I left early in the morning for another town day in Waitsfield. The road gap was less than three miles away and I was standing with my thumb out before noon. This route had a high speed limit and a number of cars whizzed by before a man in a white Mercedez first drove by and then put his vehicle in reverse. He was a southern gentleman to say the least! Visiting Vermont on family related business, the Virginia native talked about his daughter’s Ironman pursuits and the beauty of the very green state we were in. He dropped me off at the post office and then town routine ensued: pick up package, eat, resupply, library, eat and hitch a ride back. Usually there’s also laundry involved but my still smelled like Tide. Well, no, it didn’t but it wasn’t offensive and I didn’t have any clothes fit for a pubic space to change into so I let it be. It was a long walk from the grocery to the library, however well worth it. Not only was the library in a beautiful, old building but the librarian was very kind and let me use the outlets to charge up my electronics. Paul also found his way into town and we ran into each other at the library. It was nice to see him, especially since I was a little concerned about how long it would take him to get a ride. We decided to hitch back together and he went back into town to do grocery shopping while I continued to click away. As I was getting up to head downtown, a man offered me a ride to the trailhead once he saw my pack! I had to decline since I promised Paul to meet him in front of the market. Once there, we joked about the weight of our packs while downing some ice cream. Paul told me he made a friend at the Waitsfield Inn and we inquired if a ride to the trailhead was possible. Indeed it was and we had a lovely conversation with John, the innkeeper who told us of his California woes and how much he was enjoying his family’s recent move to Vermont. The hike to Birch Glen shelter felt over before we knew it but not without a most stunning view of Camel’s Hump in the sunset. At the shelter we were greeted by Sampson and his owner, Zoey. The night unfolded with great company.

Camel's Hump

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