Camel’s Hump!

“Were you guys cold last night? ‘Cuz I was fuckin’ freezing!” Paul and I were the last two in the shelter when the caretaker flew in, making sure to shut the door behind him. The temperatures dropped into the low 30’s and everyone did their best to remain in their sleeping bags for as long as possible. Paul and I won. We started out hiking together but when we came across the first mass of rock to be climbed, I couldn’t help but allow my camera to hold me back. The climb up to Camel’s Hump, a signature peak of the Long Trail, blossomed into a most heart capturing trek with each step. There was no shortage of flat, vertical rock faces, fragrant pine and views of seemingly endless Green Mountains. Best of all, the approach angle allowed the grey, bald hump to remain sight for the entire duration of the hike.

Camel's Hump in the Distance

A sign for the summit appeared and I was overwhelmed with joy and sunshine. Everyone talks about Camel’s Hump. It’s a beautiful hike from any angle that leads to a 360° view of the Adirondacks and even New Hampshire’s mountain range. It also represents a new stage of the Trail. If you’ve made it this far, you should pat yourself on the back. For weeks, this summit seemed elusive at best and here I was, not a cloud in the sky!

At the Summit!

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