Over Mt. Mansfield…During Hurricane Danny

I crawled over Mansfield in a hurricane.

Outside the lodge, fog and light rain falsely forecasted what awaited 1,500 feet above. The adrenaline of it all was sweet at first. There I was, making my way up over rocks and up ladders, avoiding looking down in some ravines, putting on all the layers I had on to keep hypothermia at bay, smiling with five foot visibility. And then the wind almost knocked me over. My pack, heavy after resupply, nearly toppled over with me when the gusts blew in. Suddenly I became apprehensive of the danger of the situation. The winds were practically knocking me off my feet as I stayed low to the already slippery ground, sprinting from one spot with some vegetation to the next. The low visibility contributed to the intimidation since I had no idea how much further I had to go or what the terrain would be like. The hurricane seemed to be gaining momentum as the hours went by and time was of the essence.

The Forehead

By mid-morning I was past the “forehead” and found my way to an unmarked road which after a few tries led me in the right direction. Emmet was already there with a few other caretakers. I spent a few hours with the Green Mountain Club crew trying to warm up, the temperatures were only in the 40’s midafternoon. I decided to continue to Taft Lodge as the rain slowed. The GMC staff did not return to their designated posts and instead went to a special employee hut located down the road – none wanted to brave the elements after getting a taste of the morning’s atmosphere. Just a few minutes after I set out, it began to hail. The “bad weather” trail, appropriately named the “Profanity Trail,” was a mess. More accurately it was a running stream. At this point, I was mentally worn out from the constant struggle to take a single step. I was soaked head to toe by the time I reached Taft Lodge. Once inside, I laid out my things to dry and ate dinner in my sleeping bag.

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