Journey’s End

It is so hard to write about the last day. In many ways, writing about my experience on the Long Trail took so long because after each entry, I would relive so many of the emotions that it would seem impossible to write about this or that day. It’s almost a relief to be writing these last words. I mean really, all that happened was Paul and I woke up, took the gondola up the mountain and hiked 11.5 miles until I saw a sign that read “Norther Terminus of the Long Trail…” Paul walked right by it. That was it. It was over. I took a picture of the Canadian border marker. We walked to Journey’s End camp, the last shelter and read the entries in log book. It was hard to find any words to write. I just wrote, thank you.

The truth is, thru-hiking the Long Trail is an experience that is unique and intimate for each person that completes it.

For me, it reaffirmed some of my beliefs and brought to light new ones. It’s hard to explain how or why but even now, I wake up every day happier. At the top of Jay Peak, one hiker greeted Paul and I, after which I said to him, “nice day, huh?” It was a nice day. “Best one yet,” he replied. And so now, when I wake up and go to sleep, I know no matter what, it’s been the best one yet.

Northern Terminus

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