What I found to be our greatest assets and riches in this country is what we most often take for granted – clean air and water. While momentarily I entertained the notion of moving to Russia for a short while, the truth is, I could never learn to deal with the black air swarming every city.

When we ignore the crisis of global warming, fail to enforce environmental laws and think we can sweep it all under the rug – we’re wrong. We don’t have to envision what the United States would look like if emission laws are not enforced and clean energy alternatives are  not pursued – we can just go to Russia or China or most of the other developing nations.

The United States has its faults and righteous critics. In many countries, issues of nutrition, substance abuse, domestic violence, availability of heat and electricity, poverty and education are left long undiagnosed and untreated. It is frustrating that in the US so many people are more preoccupied with the lives of celebrities than the world’s hunger crisis and the well being of our foundation – our planet. Even well educated youngsters, armed with all the potential of the internet, prefer to linger on social networking sites. Consumerism has diverted our lives in a simple direction, earn to buy. The desire to acquire the new, the latest, driven by the very marketing companies that sell the products that we think we need. We are indirectly paying someone to come up with something else for us to buy.

The American dollar has become devalued not just in relation to the stock market, but because its potential to make a difference throughout the world has not been realized. Perhaps the most hurtful is that in the United States, even with such resources, pockets of the country exhibit the same kinds of issues that one would imagine exist only in an undeveloped nation. It is unacceptable, unconstitutional and inhumane for the government of the United States to neglect so many.


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