Eating Vermont

As far as I’m concerned, Vermont is a state of farms and trees. Here the farming community appears to fare better than elsewhere in the nation. Many shops, supermarkets, restaurants and individuals pride themselves by purchasing or supplying locally produced produce, meats, cheeses and other food products. In comparison to the stuff we get in New York City, Vermont’s products are fresher, easily found within 100 miles and consistently organic. Where as in New York City, organic apples from 10 hours north will cost about $3.50, here they are trucked in from a few hours away at the most and cost $1.50 – $1.99 a pound. Surprisingly, even hand crafted, organic goat cheese still runs about $5 for about 8 oz. Here, everywhere you go there is a sign hinting at the presence of a farming orientation. There’s actually a community farm about a 20 minute walk from downtown Burlington – can’t beat that!

So I decided to jump on the wagon (pun intended)! Given easy access to wonderful food products of all sorts from farms nearby available at City Market, a fantastic co-op,  I’ve set out to

1) Teach myself how to cook (better).

2) Stick to local and seasonal products in most meals.

3) Gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the farming world.

4) Work on a farm.

5) See if the above lead to any sort of enlightenment.

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