Uninstalling Windmills

It was the perfect Tuesday to be outside. With December snow and wind lurking just around the corner, I volunteered to help breakdown a windmill installation, part of “Human=Landscape,” an exhibition hosted by Burlington City Arts in conjunction with the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center and the Energy Project Vermont.

Artist Patrick Marold from Denver, Colorado showcased 1,000 such windmills which are polycarbonate poles topped by three aluminum cups. When turned by the wind, each powers a small built-in generator attached to an LED that sends light down into the shaft and displays the wind’s power. Audrey Marold, Patrick’s wife and Ethan Andrews, close friend and “Executive Pipe Washer,” were on the scene to offer extra support and guidance for newbie volunteers. Crew of the day (Bottom, L to R) included Firehouse Gallery Curator Chris Thompson, artist Patrick Marold, Katie Nelson in the pink hat, Firehouse Gallery Manager & Assistant Curator Amanda Sanfilippo. Above Amanda is Audrey Marold and next to her leaping in the air is Ethan Andrews.

These tiny wind turbines highlight the epicenter of the renewable energy debate:  Should the State develop wind generated power supply or avoid this new technology for criticism of ruining the Green Mountain view?

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