Finding The Right…Farm

It’s been a long journey. All I can really go on is how I feel, trying to determine if we “click.” Will our ideas, beliefs, values, priorities mash well? As good as cheddar cheese n’ garlic mashed potatoes? Am I ready for a long term commitment? What if it doesn’t work out? What if it’s nothing like I imagined it to be? Do you just know that it’s the “one”?

I’m talking about finding the right farm. After all, it is an eight month commitment of getting down and dirty while learning how to care for plants and animals. My most recent visit included a few days at Forgotten Thyme Farm in Enosburg Falls, Vermont. Forgotten Thyme Farm is a 45 acre organic farm/homestead practicing sustainable agriculture. The farm is run by Bill and Melissa, both formerly bankers who couldn’t shake their fate to farm. They are now proud owners of a large vegetable garden, Icelandic sheep, chickens, pigs, a family cow, her calf and two Belgian draft horses.

The Friendly Ram

Cow and Calf

The horses are used for many farm activities, including garden preparation, logging and haying.

On the farm you can also find fruit trees, strawberries, blueberries and medicinal herbs. Melissa generously shares her homesteading knowledge of bread baking, soap and candle making, medicinal herbs and the preparation of butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream as well as food preservation, firewood cutting and wool spinning. Whew! Can you believe one family can do all that? Pretty amazing! While I muddle over my decision of the one, I thought you might enjoy these photos, fresh from the farm.

Single Twist Bit

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