Into The Wild, Turtles That Is

A slightly delayed post, this is perhaps one of the more exciting events that sparkled in my life lately. On June 23rd, supporters and staff from ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Burlington, joined biologist Steven Parren to release baby turtles into the wild. The release took place at North Hero State Park, part of the network of parks where I work as a Park Educator. The turtles included 49 Eastern spiny softshell, Northern map, and painted turtles back into the wild.

The turtles were collected by Steve in the fall because their nests were disturbed by predators and spent the winter at ECHO. Spiny softshell turtles are an especially high priority for conservation because of their small population, habitat loss, egg predation, and disturbances near their nesting areas. Also, their sheer awesomeness! These creatures have a pancake like shell and out-of-this-world pointy snouts.

This is the fourth year ECHO has partnered with Vermont Fish and Wildlife to help the turtles.

Steve Parren

Spiny softshell turtles.

A moment to remember.

One response to “Into The Wild, Turtles That Is

  1. This reminds me of when a group of monks I knew from when I was little released a bunch of turtles into a pond. Unfortunately, we didn’t know whether they were an invasive species and there was a bit of a scene with park rangers.

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