Carlos, Koguis and I

Carlos and I got back to Rosa around nine. Time slipped away since we went left for the beach soon after sunrise. It was my first time teaching yoga and explaining how it relates to Buddhism, in Spanish. I hope Carlos got the point. While I was making rice with onions, carrots and platanos maduras, the sweeter kind of platano, Carlos fell asleep in the hammock outback and didn’t see the Koguis arrive. They offered me a two foot long yucca root, the edible part of the yucca plant.  I asked if it was a gift. The two men in knee length white shirts and white pants nodded. After inviting the Koguis to eat with us, I hurried out back to let Carlos know since he and Roberto are currently working with the indigenous people here. Roberto is a friend living on a small farm not far from Rosa. He broke a toe and Carlos is taking care of him. They have been working on the project, Fundacion Tonal, for over a year. Before leaving, Carlos insisted on washing the dishes even though he is already doing everything but bathe Roberto. I pointed at the pot on the stove and told the two men hot chocolate was on its way. They didn’t seem in a hurry. Four more Koguis appeared as I was pouring the chocolate and I was glad there was enough for all. We sat mostly in silence blowing over our cups.

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