Learning To Walk Barefoot


With the moon dark and cool, we milled sugar cane. Augustin said he’ll make me a dress if I bring him four heads of cotton. I told him I’d bring the cotton next year. We still have beans hanging, coffee to roast and I need to spin all the wool before it gets hard.

The river runs loud. Steam rises from the forest. A black and white cat takes a break from watching me and licks his fur. I look at the orange in my hand that I found on the ground. No one else is around to speak the languages I hear but yet to understand. Once, I heard a tree break apart and then I watched the branches fall. Trust was the hardest of trials while learning to walk barefoot.

One response to “Learning To Walk Barefoot

  1. Wow, what an amazing blog! The photos take me away. You really have a talent Anna. You are missed here at East Hill! I hope that you’re having a wonderful time and I’m interested to read more about your adventures here on your blog.

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