Who, Me?

I remember the first time I wielded a sledge hammer. It was with Sam and Darcy, making crush for the turnpike at Little Rock Pond. I can still recall the stiffening pain the following morning. The first time I went backpacking, I turned around. This year, I led my first trail crew. After several months on a peer crew, I worked with Michael Trubman to lead an 8 week residential crew. In September, Priscilla Tanager and I teamed up for carpentry and rock work as leaders of an all women’s youth development crew. When our work was complete, I joined a select crew to finish projects before snow hit the ground. This post wouldn’t be complete without the mention of my exceptional supervisor, Hannah Clark.

My co.

A picture perfect crew.

East coast rockers.

Gettin’ down to business.

If the tool belt fits, wear it.

One response to “Who, Me?

  1. your pictures are beautiful ❤ thanks for sharing

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