Home At Last: No Running Water, Electricity and Heating With Wood, In The Winter

As sporadic warm days grace these months, I am beginning to reflect on the miracle of living so happily with so little this winter.


The entryway leads into the kitchen. The cabinets were made by Tristan’s father.


This bench was made for Julia’s father. Tristan’s father made this table.


Most people ask, “how do you shower?”


The living area open up to the left of the kitchen. My closet fits remarkably underneath the stairs.


A photograph of my grandfather on the way.


I got the sun sarong in 2007 when I was studying in Costa Rica. A bit ironic that it is still my sun in the depths of Vermont’s winter.


The wood stove and a dress from Russia I bought at a thrift-store in Rutland.


The upstairs loft.


And bathroom.


2 responses to “Home At Last: No Running Water, Electricity and Heating With Wood, In The Winter

  1. Very cool Anna. I love seeing the transformation… and may I ask- how do you shower? xo Desha

    • Hi Desha, thanks again for the great workshop yesterday, I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. It was so interesting to hear what everyone else is doing. As for the shower, I admit I occasionally use a friend’s, once per month or so. The rest of the time I heat up some water on the stove and pour it into a bowl I got at Experienced Goods. I think it was once a maiden’s bowl used for that very purpose…There’s a photo of the bowl and matching pitcher in the newest post. See you around town, I hope!

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