Random Russian Media Clips

IMG_0376A Russian travel magazine with headlines including, “Weddings From Around The World,” “Vladimir Putin: Russia’s Most Unique Treasures,” “The Five Year Old Kind: Parenting in Thailand,” and others.

IMG_0371A Russian travel magazine, “Around the World,” from 1908. A trip to the Middle East is on the cover.


Vogue: Special Edition in Russia. The main headline is “Beauty After Giving Birth: An Ideal Body from Elena Perminova,” with the cover model a mother of three. The magazine focuses on retaining one’s “figure” after birth. Women in Russia, and in Europe, rigidly hold themselves to a fashion model standard.

IMG_0393A breakdown of several types of armed civilians in Ukraine from a magazine akin to the Economist.

IMG_0403An advertisement for a Russian play is a telling example of the contrast between Russia’s czarist history and the modern citizen.

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