Alternative Russian Print

IMG_0394“Prime Russian Magazine” had a number of great articles. It was free at the airport. The cover statement reads, “we have already entered a world beyond the future…”

IMG_0397“Ongoing poverty is a question for economic law makers.” This article is an interview with Mark Davis, a Berkley professor.

IMG_0395“Economic growth is the widening of opportunities for self-realization.” An interview with a professor at Moscow State University, Russia’s most prestigious academic institution.

IMG_0385“Vegetarian” is a self-explanatory, free magazine published in Russian. Some dedicated readers took its banner to the top of a Russian mountain range.

IMG_0415     A vegetarian couple featured in “Vegetarian.”

IMG_0421“Back to the Future,” proposes that newly imposed sanctions are just another reason to invest in domestic agricultural production.

IMG_0426“Take what you need,” was hanging in the visa office. Options include courage, strength, passion, determination, dreams, patience, honesty, tenderness, etc…

One response to “Alternative Russian Print

  1. Lovely, inspirational, positive, creative blog! I have seen this print out in the US, too! Thank you for your positive thoughts and positive articles, Anna!

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