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Bake Sale to Benefit Green Mountain Animal Defenders

Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD) held two bake sales this past weekend raising a total of $535.00 for spay/neuter surgeries, putting the organization at $8,450.00 raised for its goal of 10,560.00. GMAD is Vermont’s largest all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit, animal advocacy organization. Since 1983,  GMAD has been educating the public, incorporating unique internship opportunities, sponsoring spay/neuter programs, offering referrals for re-homing and adoptions and rescuing animals, including wildlife.

I supported the bake sale by volunteering a few hours for set up and donating rice crispie treats and Chocolate Crunch Brownies, adapted from my beloved The Best of Vermont Country Cooking cookbook.

GMAD has been active in the battle for justice for calves who had been killed inhumanely at the Bushway processing plant  in Vermont. The plant was shut down three previous times by the USDA for inhumane treatment of the calves (in May, June and July 2009), and again in October 2009 after the HSUS investigation. The abuse continued despite the operator’s knowledge that the plant was operating outside of the federal and state laws. The abuse included kicking, beating, and repeatedly shocking the downed calves, and skinning the calves while still alive.

You can help GMAD, the calves and send a message about animal rights with just a couple of minutes of your time.

Visit GMAD’s action page here,  http://www.greenmountainanimaldefenders.org/actnow.php#ActNow62