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Saying Goodbye at Spruce Ledge

Today marked the beginning of the most northern section of the trail. Unfortunately, while only 15 miles, the day was rather dizzying – literally. Cut right next to a logging operation, the morning’s trail miles resound, even now, with the sound of machines and buzzing of all sorts. Hours and miles later, there was no escape! The terrain had little to no variation and it was a world of green ferns and young trees which made me feel like I was lost in someone’s very large backyard. Higher elevation and some outlooks changed the course of the day.

Overlook view

Feeling ill, I lay down for a nap at the following shelter and when I awoke, Paul was already there. He is such a strong hiker! We continued on together and soon after I developed a horrible stomach ache reminiscent of my appendicitis days.. Paul offered to take my pack and hike out to Spruce Ledge, drop both of our packs, come back and have me piggy-back there. While extremely tempting, I declined but figured there must be something in my food bag left to express my gratitude at dinner.

The trail continued as seemingly never-ending until we arrived at Spruce Ledge. Victor, a south-bound Long Trail hiker told us about his experiences thus far and later in the night, Pinky and Lulu, Long Trail north-bounders walked in.  It was going to be our last night together as north-bounders and while casually spent, saying good bye was meaningful to all of us.