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Live Free or Die?

For a recent job interview, I took off for the land of those who claim to live free or die, New Hampshire that is. I took some criteria to see if I could possibly join the community of the White Mountains. Great coffee? Check. Local food? Year round. A yoga studio? Yup. Lots of alpine trails? Check. Recycling? Uh, not everywhere. Friendly smiles and unwarranted greetings? Just a dash. You can’t have everything they say but maybe “they” haven’t been to Vermont.

I know I’m making rash judgments based on a few days in one roadside town, completely unreasonable.  I’m bitter at the idea of leaving my current home. The truth is, for the first time in my life, I really want to stay. And yet life is asking me to keep going. A friend noted, “maybe it is meant to be this way.” Perhaps it is. The time of “The Eleven” will surely come.

Ethan Pond, Crawford Notch

Mushroom Madness