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How Not To Kick Off The New Year

Not much has happened since the decade started out with a bang. That is a bowling bang. I am still terrible at the game with scores ranging from 40 to 115 (out of a possible 300), of course without any reason or consistency. But I am determined to…become better?

Other than that, Paul and I got in trouble for breaking several rules at an Adirondack inn.

Rule # 1: Playing too “rough” with a young, healthy Lab.
Rule # 2: Playing too “rough” with a young healthy Lab indoors.
Rule # 3: Using the microwave in the kitchen.
Rule # 4: Staying three hours past check out time.
Rule # 5: Trying to sneak out without anyone noticing we stayed three hours past check out time.
Rule # 6: Conspiring to kidnap the lovable Lab who was recently abandoned at the inn by an irresponsible dog owner and was being deprived of an adequate ball game by her current caretakers.

As my accomplice concluded, “Well, there’s a bridge burned!” Needless to say, we probably won’t be going back there anytime soon.