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Judging by the Headlines

IMG_0423“A Children’s Village.” This story documents a new government-funded program that is building suburban style housing developments where foster families take in a minimum of five foster children in exchange for housing, utilities and additional monetary subsidies/payments.

IMG_0409“Russians Don’t Have Housing Because of Sanctions.” The headline leads to an article that warns growing interest rates might make housing unaffordable in the coming years.

IMG_0408In response to US-based sanctions, a designer printer and disseminated 30,000 t-shirts, one of which (left) reads: “We can have our own fun without your Coca-Cola.”

IMG_0406Sanctions has become the buzz word in Russia. Here it is used to describe the smells imposed upon residents of a town with a factory that produced food flavoring. According to the story, the local air trends from onion to chicken bouillon and ocean breeze several times a week.

IMG_0405A lovely story about a volunteer and government joint effort to clean up a local waterway.

IMG_0404Another lovely and inspiring story about strides made by Russia’s milk industry.

IMG_0369And last, but of course not least, metro employees gave out umbrellas to senior citizens on the national Older Person’s Day.