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First Visit From Friends!

There is nothing more exciting than your good friends coming to visit for the first time after you’ve moved. It’s still hard to believe that I … live in Vermont now.

They came, they saw and together we conquered. After a Friday morning coffee boost at Muddy Waters, we conquered the Burlington waterfront, throwing balls into piles of snow for Ripley while admiring a clear view of the Adirondacks. We took turns waiting with Ripley outside of stores while taking mental stock of local goods.

I was utterly pleased when a yarn store window revealed a woman spinning wool behind the glass. We gaped and I smiled, such moments remind me of why I fell in love with Vermont in the first place. For dinner, the Daily Planet was in order. For the table we ordered the Nitty Gritty Corn Crusted Calamari and the P.E.I. Mussels made with Saranac Ginger Beer. The mains were irresistible. Erin indulged in Warm Cabot Clothbound Cheddar Polenta while I could barely finish my butter laden Baked Mustard Gnocchi with duck confit. It was all to die for! Many animals did of course. Brendan stayed in to watch the game while Erin and I prowled the local scene and grabbed a couple of beers at Nectar’s.

Day two involved less gastronomical activities. Sort of, here’s the first shot of the day.

After brunch at Leunig’s, see above, we made our way to Burlington Farmer’s Market. I said hello to Rachel and David of Full Moon Farm and Ruth of Maple Wind Farm.

Ben and Jerry’s factory was next on our list. Didn’t I say less gastronomical activities? I’m not sure if that’s possible in Vermont. We took the tour, spent too much time in the gift shop and rejoiced over the huge sample.

Upon returning to Burlington, we wandered to Red Rocks Park. Snow covered paths allowed the green mosses and ferns shine in the bright sunlight. Natural ice sculptures formed on the banks of Lake Champlain. At the end of our day, we made it to the “wolf” tree, a cedar species much older than most in the park. Erin and I successfully hugged the trunk and climbed up, with Brandon’s help.

The sun was beginning to set as we made our way back for some quiet time. Like the night before, Erin and I took off for some music, this time at Higher Ground. Dead Sessions were in order Saturday night and we had a great time listening to good old songs and chattin’ it up (at time reluctantly) with the locals.

Unfortunately, all good things, including pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, must come to an end. I hope they come back soon.