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Record 32.9 Inches in Vermont, Tops 120 Years of Snow Storms

Burlington was hit with a most powerful snowstorm yet during the first weekend in January. South Burlington announced a record 32.9 inches of snow. The National Weather Service declared this a “top” snowstorm in over 120 years. I got to be a part of every flake!

I threw on my snowshoes and skedaddled right out the door. The sidewalks had four to five feet of fresh, light snow and I sank in fast. After an arduous half hour of plowing through waist deep snow, I succumbed to sticking to the side of the road. Pavement markings were nowhere in sight and by comparison I seemed to have been moving faster than all vehicles on the road. I ran into a fellow urban snowshoer who was on her way to “pick up a shovel.” I continued down Dorset Street and was nearly home free or rather I should say downtown – I was to meet a friend for a sledding party at the country club. Suddenly, I was aghast. Across the following intersection, snow plows had stacked the snow seven feet high and even more, preventing me from continuing. I thought for a while whether I should try to climb the mounds of dirty snow and decided I was better off just getting some tea elsewhere. I trekked back and marveled at life in Vermont – snowshoeing right out my door. Could anything be better? I didn’t think so.

A Spectacular Sidewalk View