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Stars From Stark’s Nest

I spent most of the day on top of Mount. Abraham with Adam, the caretaker. When I say most, I mean I was there until about 3:30PM. Giving myself a month to do the trail meant that I could afford such time related luxuries. I finally decided to move on when another north bounder, Paul, passed through. We cruised for a few miles on Lincoln Mt. and made our way to Stark’s Nest, a warming hut for the Mad River Glen ski area that remains open in the summer for hikers. The hut was well maintained, clean and cozy. The Adirondack chairs contributed to the over-the-top luxurious feel of this great smelling, wood structure. Paul set up his tent outside while I shared the indoor space with two section hikers.

The stars were out and bright that night. From the top of the mountain it was easy to see far into the valley, the lights of homes strung together like Christmas tree garlands. It is hard to imagine even when seeing it all before your eyes that there’s an entire world where no one is unrolling their sleeping bags or inflating mattress pads or using a tiny propane stove to cook dinner. Removed from it all, the chill of the night settled in quickly. The night was the coldest yet.