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Surviving “Killer Mosquito Zone”

The day started with a buzz. The buzzing of Killer Mosquitoes haunted me all day as they viciously pierced my skin and it swelled. Then I heard my savior – thunder! As soon as it would start to pour the mosquitoes would be gone – wrong! Desperate for protection, I donned my poncho and ignored the sweaty mess into which I transformed. Some beautiful views did their best to distract me from the horror of the Killer Mosquito Zone. Ironically enough, the next shelter was Sucker Brook. I couldn’t take it anymore. The buzzing and stinging had me whimpering on the inside. I decided to set up my tent in the shelter for a mosquito free few hours and the pouring rain and dark skies convinced me to stay the rest of the afternoon. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would pass the time. Before I knew it, dinner time rolled around and I had finished a long session of self reflection. Bug free, worry free and dry, my mind and body rested.