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One More Beautiful Sunset

Another town day! Being so close to the road, I left Bear Hollow just a few minutes before 11AM. After hitching into town, I proceeded with the usual. Do you know it by now? Al and Alice are a couple who run a hiker’s hostel out of the basement of their beautiful home that overlooks the mountains. Al picked me up in the afternoon and took me to the hostel for the purpose of a shower. Realizing I left my headlamp at the last shelter, I bought what turned out to be a super-duper flashlight and ran up to Roundtop. The shelter was gorgeous! Only a three wall, it made up for the lack of insulation with clean skylights, benches and an unforgettable sunset view. Paul had already comfortably made use of one of the benches and was laying down and reading when I got in. I realized right then how I glad I was to be back on the trail. It is an experience that at that very moment I never wanted to end. Just to hike all day and watch these beautiful sunsets felt like the greatest way of life. Even Johnson, the tiny town of a handful of shops, seemed hectic in comparison to the green and tranquil mountains, once again, lulling me to sleep

Sunset at Roundtop