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Art on Pavement In Bankikodla

IMG_0654[1]Every year, locals create art in front of their homes using flower petals, chalk and colored powder.

IMG_0655[1]Each family also strings lights along their home to illuminate the creations while residents promenade marveling at their neighbor’s talents.

IMG_0662[1]Lotus flowers.

IMG_0670[1]Gods Hanuman and Ram.

IMG_0679[1]A woman poses with her creation.

Miles and miles of this…

IMG_0695[1]An ancient temple decorated with elephants with steps leading down to the beach.

 IMG_0621[1]A quiet morning.

IMG_0640[1]A trail runs along the shore, connecting to another beach.

IMG_0634[1]Low tide.

IMG_0635[1]This cove was not meant to be hiked but we did not know it until we reached the peak and had to turn around.

IMG_0651[1]Cows enjoying the sunset.

Preparation for a Local Celebration

IMG_0680[1]Making the marks of Shiva.

IMG_0683[1]The dressing room.

IMG_0686[1]A few more garments to go.

Saturday Havan Preparations

IMG_0587[1]Each week we host a Havan celebration. This week, it was for Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

IMG_0585[1]Shyam and Swami Yogaratna prepare some words.

IMG_0583[1]Swami Yogaratna draws a mandala.

IMG_0590[1]The offerings ready for the fire.