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Record 32.9 Inches in Vermont, Tops 120 Years of Snow Storms

Burlington was hit with a most powerful snowstorm yet during the first weekend in January. South Burlington announced a record 32.9 inches of snow. The National Weather Service declared this a “top” snowstorm in over 120 years. I got to be a part of every flake!

I threw on my snowshoes and skedaddled right out the door. The sidewalks had four to five feet of fresh, light snow and I sank in fast. After an arduous half hour of plowing through waist deep snow, I succumbed to sticking to the side of the road. Pavement markings were nowhere in sight and by comparison I seemed to have been moving faster than all vehicles on the road. I ran into a fellow urban snowshoer who was on her way to “pick up a shovel.” I continued down Dorset Street and was nearly home free or rather I should say downtown – I was to meet a friend for a sledding party at the country club. Suddenly, I was aghast. Across the following intersection, snow plows had stacked the snow seven feet high and even more, preventing me from continuing. I thought for a while whether I should try to climb the mounds of dirty snow and decided I was better off just getting some tea elsewhere. I trekked back and marveled at life in Vermont – snowshoeing right out my door. Could anything be better? I didn’t think so.

A Spectacular Sidewalk View

French Toast And Snow Flakes

No day can start off better than with home made french toast. Out of maple syrup, I mixed some currant jelly from Fat Rooster Farm with melter butter and half and half. The syrup turned out absolutely supreme!

Next up were the lunch sandwiches. These were also thrown together in an effort to use up some remaining Dakin Farm sausage and Vermont Bread Company bread that was sure to go bad soon.

Finally at Little River State Park, the snow and the view were fresh and crisp! In the early 1800s, pioneers cleared fields, rocks, and stumps in Ricker Basin and Cotton Brook. A settlement of 50 or so families once lived in this area. For more information and directions, click here.