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One Tutu At A Time

We all worry about money at some point. The indigenous people of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, known as the Arhuaco, worry as well. Their lives are full of hard work, loving families, fresh food and strong communities. While nearly entirely self-sufficient, male household members work on outside the home to earn extra income and women weave bags for sale. Graceful and incredibly durable, these bags or tutus as they are called by the Arhuaco, are a powerful cultural element. Made by hand from plant or animal fiber, from thread to final loop, one tutu can take months to end up on your shoulders.

Spinning fiber.

By purchasing a tutu, one helps the community and individual families directly. I have created this post to share the crafts of these women. If you or someone you know would like to help by purchasing a tutu, please contact me by e-mail, gouznova @ gmail.com. Please pass this page on to your friends, family and coworkers.

Small tutu, to hold your cell phone and wallet. By Celfida $25 SOLD

Large tutu, that can easily fit all that you need for the day. Four separate designs make it really stand out. By Celfida, $100 SOLD

Extra large tutu. By Claudia, a village school teacher, $120.

Flowing design, large tutu. By Claudia, $100. SOLD

This design is known as caracol, sea shell. Large tutu. Made by Ana, $100.

Large tutu. Made by Francisca $110.

Duni – thank you!

My tutu, made by Yanira.