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Outhouse Magic

Most of us have heard about low flush toilets and other earth saving poop management devices but what about the old school outhouse? After using one of these privies for nearly four months, I am inspired by its simplicity.

Here is the privy. It has a toilet seat inside and human waste goes into a 70 gal plastic bin underneath. After each sitting, you throw in a handful of bark mulch to neutralize odor and speed up the composting process. Lumber mills often give this stuff away. Once the bin is full, you transfer the contents to another container until you are ready to do a full compost run.

For the full run, you just transfer all you’ve stored up into a big bin, stir in some more bark mulch for the right moisture balance and add some composter microbes which can be found bottled in most shops. After 6-8 weeks you have wonderful compost to use on your field, garden or spread in the woods. This one even had beans growing out of it!