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Golden Autumn: Russia’s Agricultural Expo

IMG_0437Backdrop for the expo.

IMG_0435A helicopter for dispersing fertilizer and pesticides.

IMG_0509A yurt in the Kazakhstan pavilion. It is covered by layers of felt wool.

IMG_0503This band blended traditional Russian folk music with synthesized beats.

IMG_0436A yurt made out of empty diesel containers.

IMG_0446Hundreds of food vendors were received by eager customers.

IMG_0443Red caviar. By the kilogram.

IMG_0500Honey. Lots of it. Enormous quantities of it can be seen in the metal tanks behind the counter. In Russia it is frequently used for medicinal purposes.

IMG_0498Do you want to get stung by a medicinal bee? This guy will do it for $5. I didn’t risk it but later found out some bee venom is clinically proven to reduce swelling in arthritic joints.

IMG_0497Business men warming up to some award-winning sheep. Note how that ewe is leaning into the caretaker’s leg.

IMG_0495Two women admiring a traditional wool hat and jacket on display by the sheep pens.

IMG_0493Sheep with lots of medals, ribbons and certificates.

IMG_0491A raccoon dog on display as a breeding specimen. Yeah, fur coats are cruel.

IMG_0485A fox, also for breeding.

IMG_0492Nearby, fur products were available for sale.

IMG_0467 Expo staff prevented poop from touching the floor and wiped the cow’s anus with a soft cloth after excretion.

IMG_0465Pretty lady #1.

IMG_0464Pretty lady #2.

IMG_0450Every vendor had a table with tea, sweets, kielbasa and liquor set up for business negotiations. I guess you get a better deal when everyone’s in a good mood!