An Environmental Poem

What was the last time a branch

Fell on your head

Screaming, “I want to kill you?”

Have the forests ever asked

Why they should bother listening

When we can not hear ourselves?

Dear forest,

that which we pride

Ourselves for contemplating

While destroying All of it

Except those parts we would like to

Contemplate in complete solitude,

Only our (de)vices

To share our contemplative state of solitude

Via Facebook.


What with having been put forth before you,

Dear forest,

I can not escape the toxicity of

My own body, my morality

Festering in its own  juices of humanity

as I destroy you

With this ink and this pen and

This paper contemplating

My gratitude nonetheless

In the solitude which you have

Always offered to me,

Sweat and tears

Running down your sides

Into a hole older than mankind,

This uterus of undeniable reflection,

Swollen with autumn rain.

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