My 30th Birthday with Mayan Families!

Dear Friends and Family,

This year, I am celebrating my 30th birthday! This feels like a milestone by all means.

As I take time to reflect on my life, what comes to mind most are my friends who recently entered motherhood, and my grandmother. I think about how grateful I am that my friends had access to medical care before, during and post birth. Their stories of pregnancy and birthing will always be with me. My grandmother is being treated for diabetes. At 87 years old she has only gotten better at making jokes and knitting socks.

I also think about all those mothers and grandmothers I’ve met in my life who did not have access to medical care. I think about that teen, pale faced after giving birth at home in a remote mountain settlement, eight hours by foot from the nearest village. I think about the grandmothers begging for coins in subways, for medical treatment. I recall a woman who could only afford one, just ONE, jar of prenatal vitamins during her entire pregnancy.

I know that we can’t change everything. But we can change some things. This is why I decided to fundraise for Mayan Families and their Well Mother, Well Baby! and Elderly Care programs. These are two separate program. Both provide essential support for the populations they are serving.

Here is just one example of the direct style services offered by Well Mother, Well Baby!
And here is an update from the crucial Elderly Care Program:

Let’s use the power of the dollar for good. In lieu of any presents, I am writing to ask you to make as generous donation as possible to Mayan Families. Whether it’s $30, $300 or somewhere in between, you are facilitating nutritional, educational and medical services. What makes Mayan Families unique is that every dollar will make a difference. Mayan Families is a Gold rated GuideStar non-profit that focuses on delivery and quality of services. It is 80% locally staffed and pays non-Guatemalan staff at local pay scales.

My goal is that together we raise $3,000 for the mothers, babies and elders of Panajachel, Guatemala. Please share this letter and the inspiring work of Mayan Families on social media, with your friends, families and co-workers.

To make a donation as well as watch a video about Mayan Families, please click on:

To know more about Mayan Families and their programs, click here:

This is by far, the best birthday ever!


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